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Blockstream Talk #13 - Luna Lessons with Dr. Adam Back

Episode Summary

Welcome to Blockstream Talk today's conversation is with Dr. Adam Back, Blockstream Co-founder and CEO. It's been a wild couple of weeks in Bitcoin markets. This conversation goes over what's wrong with DeFi, how Tether is different from UST and what are the lessons we can learn from Luna? If you find this conversation useful don't forget to like comment and share.

Episode Notes

00:55 - What happened in the Terra ecosystem? 

08:05 - Crypto market cap is a misleading metric

12:11 - UST failures effect on other stablecoins

23:40 - Incentives within the DeFi space 

26:30 - Could the Luna situation have ended differently?

31:15 - Stablecoin velocity and resiliency

36:09 - Liquidity and backing within stablecoins 

41:21 - Bitcoin stigma in banking

44:08 - Key lessons