Blockstream Talk

Blockstream Talk #17 - FTX Lessons

Episode Summary

Welcome to Blockstream talk. Today’s conversation is with Blockstream's CEO and Co Founder, Dr. Adam Back, he joins us for a review of the ongoing meltdown of FTX and Alameda research. Adam is a wealth of knowledge and market context who offers a unique perspective when you try and figure out what has happened so far, how things could evolve going forward, and what are the key lessons for users and investors. As well as how would happen to Alameda and FTX matches up to previous blow ups. If you find this conversation useful, don't forget to share it with your network. 00:43 FTX failure overview 04:45 Bankruptcy vs recovery token 09:55 FTX post mortem 33:43 Exchange revenue rights model 39:05 Proof of keys day 52:14 Lessons for investors from FTX insolvency 59:16 The future of DeFi 1:20:48 Asset issuance on the Liquid Network 1:25:02 Bitcoin mining market conditions 1:29:15 Crypto bailout pool 1:32:47 Looking ahead on the Bitcoin network