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Lightning Signal with Rusty Russell - Blockstream Talk #18

Episode Summary

Welcome to Blockstream Talk. Today's conversation is with Rusty Russell, a senior Lightning Network Developer at Blockstream. Rusty is an OG contributor to open-source software and was tasked with helping transition the Lightning Network from an academic paper to a real world payment protocol seven years ago when he joined Blockstream. Lightning Network capacity is now up around five thousand bitcoin, pretty close to an all time high despite recent price weakness. Rusty highlights, reasons for growth, some new applications and also gives us a sneak peek into new features expected to be rolled out in the coming months.

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Core Lightning

Elements Project
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01:27 Starting work on Lightning at Blockstream

03:44 Lightning Network global adoption

04:46 Work on Bolt12 Lightning spec

10:41 Factors driving Lightning adoption

15:15 Bookkeeping with Core Lightning

21:31 Lightning Network unlocking micropayments

23:45 Integrating Lightning into Blockstream Green

26:02 Lightning wallet recommendations

28:48 Thoughts on El Salvador Bitcoin and Lightning adoption

32:55 Working in the open-source software space

38:43 Comparing Bitcoin to Linux

47:33 Exciting things coming to Lightning