Blockstream Talk

Blockstream Talk #19 - Digital Securities Future

Episode Summary

Welcome back to Blockstream Talk. Today’s conversation is with Kyle Fry, CEO and Co-Founder at DIGTL Markets. Kyle and his team have been deep in the digital security trenches for a number of years already and have built up the network of securities exchanges and alternative trading venues to support digital security or security token trading. It's great to get Kyle's perspective on where they see the digital security industry evolving and why the Liquid Network is the best choice for issuers. If you enjoyed this conversation share it with your network. 03:25 What makes MERJ unique 07:35 Different reasons for offshoring business 11:25 The Blockstream Mining Note and US markets 12:43 Security tokens & digital securities 24:16 Evolution of capital markets 34:35 How STOs can improve markets 43:19 Building on the Liquid Network 48:37 Risks and regulations after FTX crash 52:31 Future outlook for asset issuers 54:58 The STO industry in 10 years