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ZeroSync & Blockstream Satellite - Blockstream Talk #22

Episode Summary

Welcome to Blockstream Talk. Today, we're talking to Robin Linus and Lucas George of Zero Sync, a nonprofit working on technology that allows for a compact cryptographic proof to substitute the hundreds of gigabytes of information that make up the Bitcoin blockchain. Meaning the entire history of Bitcoin could be validated in an instant rather than in hours or days and when combined with something like the Blockstream Satellite, the implications are pretty far reaching. If you enjoyed this conversation don't forget to subscribe and share.

Episode Notes




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2:39 Zero knowledge proofs

5:36 What makes ZeroSync different?

6:43 ZeroSync and Blockstream Satellite

8:37 Benefits of ZKPs

9:47 Development timeline

11:34 Hardware requirements

13:12 Use cases for the ZeroSync toolkit

15:39 Stark proofs, Simplicity & the Liquid Network

20:04 Security of ZeroSync proof systems

23:45 Long term implications of ZKPs for Bitcoin