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Developing Bitcoin Commerce with Layer-2s and Vulpem Ventures featuring Marco Argentieri - Blockstream Talk #37

Episode Summary

Welcome back to Blockstream Talk. Today, we're speaking with long-time Liquid contributor and founder of Vulpem Ventures, Marco Argentieri. Marco is a prolific software engineer and entrepreneur, and is behind a number of Liquid tools and projects, including Marina wallet, T-dex, Fuji Money, and Liquid Taxi. In this episode, we touched on the importance of covenants, and discussed various lBitcoin ayer-2 solutions, like Liquid, Lightning, and Ark. We also discussed what the future holds for Bitcoin and Liquid and how the current Bitcoin narrative of digital gold could evolve going forward. If you found the conversation useful, don't forget to subscribe, and share this conversation with your network.

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02:09 The power of the Bitcoin Italia community

03:14 The goals of Vulpem Ventures

05:42 Building Bitcoin layer-2 tooling

08:08 Reasons for building on the Liquid Network

09:39 Common Liquid misconceptions

12:55 Using layer-2s to stack bitcoin

14:26 Bitcoin layer-1 scaling conversations

15:51 Sharing UTXOs utilizing covenants

17:26 The evolving narratives of Bitcoin

18:45 Bitcoin volatility’s effect on use cases

21:06 The effect of higher L1 fees

23:29 The difference between Elements and Liquid

24:38 Atomic swaps with Banco by Vulpem

28:07 Getting started in Bitcoin development

31:36 Bitcoin in 2024