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Driving Global Adoption Using Bitcoin Layer-2s: Lightning and Liquid with Samson Mow - Blockstream Talk #36

Episode Summary

Welcome back to Blockstream Talk. Today's conversation is with the CEO and founder of JAN3, Samson Mow. 2024 is off to a really good start for both of Bitcoin's major layer-2s. Lightning network capacity continues to hover around an all-time high, but Liquid had also really accelerated over the last couple of weeks and months. It looks like it could be on pace to even surpass the Lightning Network in the not too distant future. Samson has been busy meeting with policymakers and central banks from across Latin America, Asia, and Europe. And he's also just released a really slick new wallet called AQUA, a Bitcoin and Tether focused wallet that integrates both of Bitcoin's major layer-2s. We also touched on the new American ETFs and the near-term outlook for mainstream institutional adoption. And as usual, don't forget to subscribe and share this episode with your network.

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02:14 Introducing Samson Mow and JAN3

04:35 JAN3 approach to nation state orange pilling

08:44 Most receptive regions for nation state Bitcoin adoption

15:27 Bitcoin mining and nation state adoption

20:25 Geographical arbitrage and collectivism

24:32 AQUA wallet and Liquid BTC adoption

26:12 Key features of the AQUA wallet

30:33 Liquid based Tether (USDt)

32:25 Liquid FUD and Liquid derangement syndrome

35:49 Liquid and Lightning interoperability

38:22 Bitcoin layer-2 innovations

42:15 Bitcoin ETFs “Wild BTC vs Zoo BTC”

48:15 2024 and beyond for Bitcoin and JAN3